I have been really blessed to have had several major careers that I have loved, in one life time. Due to my love of elderly people (they are so smart and interesting and need someone to speak up for them in their later years), I started working in nursing homes. My grandparents were a big part of my childhood, and working in nursing homes allowed me to watch over other people’s grandparents. I went back to school and got a degree in Recreational Therapy; I worked 20 years helping seniors!

My husband Mike works on the road and was only home three days a month for years; I got really bored at home by myself. I did some private sitting with seniors because my passion is seniors. I became a commissioned notary public and eventually branched out into becoming a Wedding Officiant. This role allows me to meet all sorts of people, plus be on the Florida beaches, which I love. Mike is my photographer for the weddings – ask me about photo packages.

My other interests are spending time with my husband, kids and grandkids, going out on our boat, gardening, and playing fetch with our dog Isabella, a 7-year old multi-color poodle.

Mike and I both enjoy the Gulf of Mexico and meeting new people from all over the road, advising couples of the local eating places, or a relaxing place to have a drink; all the enjoyable places near the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches of the Florida Panhandle, sharing what we love about our beautiful surroundings.

And no one can visit Pensacola Beach, Florida without sampling a local drink like the Bushwhacker, right at home, where it originated!

charolett smith